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Human Trafficking is broken down into two categories: labor trafficking and sex trafficking. Both are defined as the recruitment, harboring, transportation, provision, or obtaining of a person in a sex or labor act by using coercion, force, or fraud. 

Our services for Human Trafficking victims include advocacy for hospital or medical checkups, legal advocacy, advocacy for housing, providing a connection for resources, and much more. 

This service allows for the victim to have an advocate present during medical examinations, hospital trips, and doctors' appointments. The advocate will be present upon the victim's request. 

This allows for the victim to have access to an advocates help with housing applications, relocation, and grants to assist with living payments. These resources vary by the victims situation. 

This service allows for the victim to have an advocate for court situations. This does not mean that the victim has to pursue the route of taking legal action. However, if the victim chooses to do so, there will be access to an advocate if wanted.

This service allows for victims to have a wide variety of resources offered by their advocate. A few examples of these resources are transportation, connection to legal help, connection to government assistance programs, connections to doctors' offices, etc. 

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Women's Crisis Center Hotline Phone Number: 1(888) 836-0325

National Human Trafficking Hotline Phone Number: 1(888) 373-7888

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